October 20, 2008


Well, not officially bunk beds, but for all practical purposes, that's what they are. This is a bed my dad built for me when I was 15. We've used the bookshelf while the rest of the pieces have been in storage.

Jacob has been asking to come back downstairs ever since he moved up. (I totally understand this. I had major issues with being far away from my parents' bedroom too. I still hate sleeping in a basement.) I've not liked him being so far away either, but with Mattie screaming so much every night, we didn't really have a choice. Over the last month we seem to have her sleeping under control, so we thought we'd set up this bed, make up a quick railing (still have to stain it), and bring him back down to be in with her.

He is soooooo excited about it! Actually, they both are! Jacob has his own reading light he's pretty stoked about too.

It's fun to be using my old bed, I gain major bookshelf space, and I like having him downstairs with us. We also get to cut off our heat air unit for the upstairs, so we're hoping we'll save some money (this was a major reason for moving him).

Tonight I went in a read to both of them while they were in bed, and Jacob fell asleep while I was reading. I felt like Mary Poppins in an old fashioned nursery.

I guess it's a good thing I never went to pink in there after all...


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! You can tell by the look on Jacob's face that he is so excited! We are hoping to go with bunkbeds in the girls room whenever that room gets its makeover. :)

Valerie said...

I'm nervous just looking at that picture. Sorry, I have anxiety about bunk beds. Are you sure you shouldn't make the railing bigger?!?

Melissa said...

:) If it were for Mattie, the railing couldn't be big enough! (And she's not allowed up there unless I'm in the room.) But Jacob is one of those kids who goes to sleep and doesn't move all night, so he's secure up there. I grew up on bunk beds, maybe that's why I'm not nervous. I did think about adding a railing at the foot of the bed though, just for peace of mind during the day time!