October 26, 2008

September Camping

Our September was so busy, I am way behind on a few things I've wanted to share! We went camping with our good friends one weekend, now I don't even remember when. And we just went to a local campground so we could be at church on Sunday morning. Our friends have a camper, so we did have the luxury of our own potty, shower, microwave and frig (essential with my kids allergies). But we chose to sleep in our tent for the kids' sake. We camped last year in Destin for a week, but that was in the camper so it didn't really feel like camping.

My kids both had their first S'mores! They also enjoyed roasting their own hot dogs for dinner.

Mattie's had EnjoyLife Chocolate Chips (dairy free for her), a regular marshmallow and New Morning Grahams.

Jacob's had New Morning Grahams, the EnjoyLife Chocolate Chips and Ricemellow Cream (corn and egg free marshmallow fluff like stuff).

They loved sleeping in the tent! They both slept very well after the initial excitement of the first bedtime.

These guys were visitors we saw more than once! Our campsite was huge and we ended up getting to camp in the woods about 100 feet off the road. We saw raccoons too!

Swinging with Daddy at the playground!

Not sure what she's so deep in thought about, but she sure is cute! She spent all weekend covered in dirt... about which she was very happy.

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Money for Ministry said...

I know it's probably a chore to think of creative ways to engage your kids in fun, but I'm so glad you do it! You guys rock!