October 05, 2008

Mattie's Stitches

My kids hate to wear shoes. If they wear anything, they want it to be Crocs or flip flops. Apparently they have issues with their feet being enclosed! As soon as we walk in the door, their shoes are off their feet. Actually, they usually come off in the car!

Mattie stubs her toe regularly, but that hasn't helped. If ever we can't find Mattie's shoes when we're leaving, we always know to look outside first. (Praise the Lord Silas doesn't run off with shoes anymore or I'd be buying new shoes for her every day!!)

Friday the kids were doing their treasure hunt to end our pirate week. She was on the way up the hill for the last clue and she bit the dust. I noticed it was taking her a bit longer to jump up, so I went up to her. Turns out her "stub" was a bit more than a "stub" this time.

She ended up with 8 stitches and said, "I get stitches like Daddy!" (He got 6 or 7 stitches in his finger two weeks ago.) She did a great job, though I won't say it wasn't traumatic for her. They had a hard time getting her toe numb enough because her feet are so calloused. Interestingly enough, within hours she was jumping all over the house like there was not a thing wrong with her! I gave her Tylenol with Codeine the first night, bit she's not had anything since. Thankfully, it's apparently not hurting her that badly!

I should have known she'd be our first set of stitches in our children. And something tells me there will be more...

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Christy said...

OUCH! Poor little thing.

Our youngest, also a girl, was our first to have stitches and she kicks her shoes off EVERYWHERE as well. Sigh... what are we going to do with 'em? :D Silly little gooses.