October 20, 2008

Jacob's First Program!

Jacob was in his first children's program last week! Our church does an annual Missions Expo and has the children do a program as a part of it. Jacob has never done anything like this, and it didn't start out so well. We started three weeks late as we were out of town and then had company. Then he had an ear infection, and two weeks later strep and an antibiotic containing corn that threw him for a week or more. Poor kid! Then through this whole season he was having a reaction to his antihistamine (go figure) I started during the ear infection. I felt so bad for him that I couldn't figure out what was wrong (for 6 weeks) as I watched him twitch and itch incessantly, and my mother in law and I were dying to go shoot him up with Benadryl to stop it! Looking back, I kept noticing his reaction getting worse, so I was diligent to give him the antihistamine never thinking that was the culprit! Argh!! I stopped the meds because they were clearly not working and now he's stopped the twitching, though it took a few days to get out of his system. They have apparently changed the ingredients... I'll have to do another test just to be sure, but all things point that way for now.

Back to the program... Jacob has major anxiety about not being perfect and noticed regularly that everyone else was doing the motions better than he was... and he was right (because he was standing there and not doing much at all). But we had a lot of talks about practice, and if you won't try because you have a bad attitude, you'll never get it right! They got to do it at two other churches and by the last night, he did every motion with every other kids and you'd never know he got a late start. I was so proud of him! He knew he did well too.

Our little German guy (Those are my lederhosen straps from when I was 2 and lived in Germany. He was going to wear my brother's shorts, but they were obscenely too small so we modified.)

Jacob and Hannah ready to go!

Some of the boys

Hannah and Emily

Jacob right on track!

One funny thing... During one of the shows he had one little girl hit him with her banner/flag by accident, then she realized it might be funny so she did it over and over again. I was soooo proud of Jacob that he didn't deck her! He did get upset and start talking to a boy about it at the beginning of the next song, but he recovered.

Anyway, all in all a good choir season for him. He ended up happy about it and getting over his issues... for now anyway.

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Matt said...

Really proud of you Jacob and I wish I could have seen your play. You look like a great German boy!!