April 05, 2009

First time for Pepperoni

We made homemade pizza a couple of weeks ago. I've tried it twice before, but I used whole wheat flour that I had ground and it just wasn't good. I've decided there is a place for bleached white flour, so sorry to all you that are offended by that! :D I posted on a message board and Michelle posted this recipe that I used:

Pizza Dough
3 Cups flour ( white, whole wheat or a mix of the two)
1 Cup warm water
1 tsp. salt
1Tbsp. sugar
1 package yeast or 1 Tbsp yeast if you buy your yeast in bulk

I used honey instead of sugar, added 1/2t of garlic powder, threw it all (doubled) in my Zo and mixed/kneaded for 20 minutes. I made a round pizza on my stone and a rectangular one on my cookie sheet. Next time I'll use this same doubled recipe and make 4 pizzas total and freeze some... my crust was very thick! But it sure was yummy! I have to say, I actually didn't wish I was eating Papa John's. That is a very exciting thing for anything created in my kitchen!

The exciting thing about this pizza, in addition to the yummy, successful dough, was that Jacob got to try pepperoni for the first time! I have never found pepperoni that looks like it doesn't have corn-derived preservatives (NOT saying it's corn-free, but it's good enough for an isolated try), but I found some at a SuperTarget recently. (It's the Hormel all natural stuff.) Jacob was excited to try it!


After all that, he said the pepperoni was too spicy. :D Oh well, I'll still buy the Hormel stuff for the rest of us. Mattie loved it and had bacon on hers too! And this is my new favorite pizza recipe!

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It's making my mouth water.:-)