April 05, 2009

The things they say

Mattie, bear hugging me: I love you, Mommy!
Me: I love you too!
Mattie: I love you soooooo much!
Me: I love you so much!
Mattie: I love my brown flip flops so much too!


Mattie: The kitchen and living room are so clean, Mommy!
Me: I know, Daddy cleaned the house while we were gone because someone came to look at it. Didn't he do a good job?
Jacob: Awww, that's so sad.
Me: What's sad?
Jacob: That he had to clean the whole house all by himself with no one to help.


After a play day at the park recently when we had Tyler with us...

Jacob: You know, I missed Mattie at the park today.
Me: Yeah, you played with Tyler and she stuck with me, didn't she?
Jacob: Yeah, I guess I was focused on Tyler instead. (After long pause) You know, Mom? I think maybe Mattie is my friend now instead of just my sister.


Jacob: You know, Mom, I like it better when just Daddy is home and you're out running errands with Mattie. He's more fun than you.


Jacob: You know, Mom? When you tell me to do something I don't want to do I get this feeling in my stomach that makes me feel mad because I just don't want to do it. And then I kind of like being cranky about what you're making me do.


While praying together one night when Robert had a toothache...

Jacob: Don't forget to pray for Daddy's tooth. (after we pray for Daddy's tooth...) My eyes got kind of wet and I got this feeling in my stomach when you prayed for Daddy's tooth, but then it went away. But I think if it came back and I cried it might feel better.


Anonymous said...

Tante Jeni & Emily

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are some of the BEST and SWEETEST and MOST HONEST kids quotes I have ever heard! And I don't think that I am prejudiced! I am so glad that you have recorded them and shared. Thanks. You are blessed with two great kids! I am so thankful to have them in my lives.

Candace C said...

I think your nearly 7 year old is a better communicator than I am! LOL!! :)

Leslie said...

Love the comment about the flip-flops! LOL Great comments!