April 12, 2009

The Seven Year Old's Birthday

Well, so much for posting "tomorrow!" So sorry... it seems to be the story of my life these last few months. But I think maybe it will end soon! My only major life event now on my plate is moving in 3 1/2 weeks. Oh, wow. That's kinda scary. That's the first time I've written that down. Moving right along...

I promised pictures and details of the little boy's birthday! If only I had remembered that I already had the photos uploaded, I could have written it awhile ago!

He was very excited to get a new Spiderman suit! You can see he's dancing in the one he's wearing to shake the legs down because it's so small. His new one is already quite loved and broken in, as Nate (his cousin) was here for a week. We had two Spidermen around all week!

Jacob got this little go cart from Gramma Linda and Grandpa Harvey. I found it on clearance in December when I found Mattie's. He likes it, but hasn't had much chance to get out there and drive it. I need to show him how to charge it and stuff so he can do it by himself.

And here's the little girl checking it out... you've got to love her outfit.

Jacob got his very own tackle box from Grandmama and Grandpa. Great idea!

Here's Spidey with his cake. (He was very proud of it!)

Hannah roller skating! At our church we have a big gym and they have roller skates! So for 20 bucks you can rent the gym for 4 hours and go to town. This was by far the most relaxed I've ever been about a party, the kids had a great time, and it was kind of unique! Plus Jacob could invite all of his friends too! (Usually we only invite cousins because we have so many in town.) We'll definitely do it this way again!

Couldn't let it go unnoticed that Grandmama did a bit of skating herself. She was just as unsure as everyone else at first...

but here she was after just a few minutes!

Hannah was so sweet to help Mattie around! (And as for more about Mattie on roller skates... that's an entirely separate blog post!)

Who would have thought a garbage can could be so fun??

Jacob and Tyler enjoyed the scooters!

I love this shot!! Mattie and Caleb were trying to get out of the raquetball court.

Jacob making his way around the outside carpeted area on skates... he's not a natural and was pretty frustrated. He was sure he was by far the worst one.

But all in all, he said he had a great day! I can't believe he's 7...
Happy Birthday, Jacob!


Matt said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob!! I love your new "Spidey" costume.

Linda said...

It looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see you next week!