April 12, 2009

Showing off our Easter Pics

I know I said I'd have birthday pictures today, but these pictures are soooooooo much cuter! SO I thought I'd post these tonight instead.

It's always nice to get a family shot every now and then. And just in case you all think I don't look very Easter-y, I had to conform to our uniform for our Choir program. I would have gone for something floral myself!

The flowers in the kids hands are ones they picked for me. :D

Always a challenge to keep the kids from being too silly, but still happy. Notice the gun in Jacob's hand as he sneaks around the tree...

Sweet little girl, full of life!

My tenderhearted, funny little guy!

I think they actually love each other!

Is she not the cutest thing??

LOVE this one!

So I think I'm done with pictures for this year! I had planned on taking them to a local park one day (once they got a bit more sunshine on their faces) for their annual pictures, but after these, I think I'll take that off my list. I know Jacob would be very happy to skip it! I think I'll take the three individuals of Mattie and put them in a horizontal frame as 4x6s or 5x7s.

I have to make a note about her shoes as well... I love the old fashioned shoes like this! Not to mention ruffle socks on bare legs are one of my favorite things of all about springtime. Anyway, I was very excited when I ran across these at Stride Rite, on sale and in wide width even!


Kristianna said...

Absolutely adorable. Beautiful, beautiful babies! xxoo

Alicia said...

Great pictures! These are definitely frame-worthy! You husband's shirt would have matched beautifully with my kids' clothes today! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are wonderful!! I absolutely love the one of the kids holding hands! Their outfits are great, I didnt' even get to see them yesterday even though we were in the same building!

RosserFamily said...

These are just the cutest pictures! Who needs to pay for expensive photographers? They could not do any better than these. Of course it does help to have such cute kids! I would go with these pictures too! Hope you guys had a Happy Easter. The Easter program was so moving, and I am so glad I went.

Valerie said...

Really good pics!

Matt said...

GREAT pictures Liss. Amazingly cute kids and great pic. Good job. Where are all the "luvvy-duvvy" (totally phonetic) pictures of you and Robert? I'm sure he felt left out.

Leslie said...

Wonderful pictures!!! Your family is beautiful. I would have those framed too!