January 04, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here are the kids all ready to go! We left Tuesday evening after Robert got home from work.

Jacob was just a little excited!

Jacob got to go shopping and buy gifts for Nate and Ali with his own $2 he got for his tooth! He was very excited to wrap and label them himself. And they both seemed to like their gifts!

Superman's muscles Christmas Eve.

Mattie taking Jacob down Christmas Eve.

So Mattie woke up around 1 AM early Christmas morning. She was pitching such a fit that she woke Jacob up. So at 5:00 Christmas morning, Jacob was still wide awake!! I said, "Jacob, you HAVE to go to sleep!!" He said, "I'm trying so hard, Mom! I just can't stop thinking about all those presents!" :) I think he finally fell asleep around 5:30.

The dinosaurs with Uncle Matt.

Are these not the cutest? She loves them!

Mom's Lego gifts was the huge hit I thought it would be! They have played for hours already.

And Mattie thoroughly enjoyed cutting open each little package they came in. Something I'm goign to remember... I can handle loading up ziploc bags full of treasure.

This was Jacob's big gift. I asked him what he wanted if he could have one thing for Christmas, and this was what he said. I found it on a great sale on Black Friday, so he got it. It's the last major Thomas and Friends piece he'll get and he was pretty stoked!

These were in the dollar bin at Target! I got several for our dress up box.

Robert enjoyed his new bathrobe and Jacob's new cap gun... and some silver teeth.

Entertainment for the early risers in the only empty room of the house!

And we enjoyed much snuggling time with Kjirstin's little guy, Logan!


Anonymous said...

Aww, great pictures! I want to see more, LOL! I enjoy getting to see pictures of all your family members! :) Mattie's slippers are too cute. Let's see what else, Caleb got a cap gun too, but it's too hard for him to pull the trigger. :( He still loves carrying it around and putting it in his holster, lol! What legos did you all get? Sounds like lots of us got legos for Christmas. Our kids are loving them too!

Melissa said...

Jacob is quite awkward shooting the gun so far...
They got the Lego Educational Town Set. They love it! Lots of people and fun pieces. :)

Jeni said...

Those pics are great! What a great Christmas together! I think this was my favorite year overall, in our marriage, like soup to nuts starting from Black Friday on... LY-Missing you TONS!