January 04, 2009

I'm back!

Man, it's been a long time since I've sat down to write anything! We were gone for Christmas, and the weeks before that were busy! Plus I've had some competition for the computer that I don't have when Robert's working out of town. :) But I'd prefer computer competition to him being gone.

I sat down the other night and mapped out the remaining Five in a Row Volumes 1-3 books that I want to row with Jacob this year. (Next year we're doing Volume 4 books.) I'm not sure exactly how I'll do them yet, but I want to get them mapped out soon.

We completed our 110th school day right before we took two weeks off for Christmas! So that leaves me 70 official days and 18 weeks or so (4-day weeks)! That worked out perfectly! I started schooling early this year in hopes of moving and/or slowing down during the springtime. When it's nice in April and May it's so hard to keep the kids inside! July 1 will be twelve months from when we started this year, so we have plenty of time to get it all in. Anyway, I'm rambling...

Things are going well with Tyler around. (Remember the little guy I'm babysitting/tutoring?) He's here 3 days each week, though we're going to 2 days soon. He plays beautifully with my kids, though he and Jacob are awfully hard to keep calm most days. I'm having to provide some structure and organized play to manage that, but it's working out. (The fact that it's been raining almost every day he's been here has not helped, nor has the fact that we've been counting down to Christmas!) Tyler requires a schedule that has been really good for Jacob and I too, so we're pretty much done with school by lunchtime each day. Then all the kids can have some quiet bedroom time. And so I can have some quiet time too! In the past we've been pretty lax and just done our school stuff whenever it fits because the kids play so nicely in the mornings, but I like having it done by lunchtime.

Then we all had a minor virus right before we left. Thankfully our calendar was empty except for Mattie's dedication. She threw up about 15 minutes before we were leaving so we scratched that! I'm just thankful it wasn't on the pastor in front of 500 people...

We had a Christmas party with all of our families in our Sunday School class one Sunday afternoon that was great! All of the parents seemed to know the children, but did not know each other. And Darlene and I don't have a real chance to visit when they're just dropping off or picking up, so it was a good opportunity for that, though I think Darlene got in on that more as she was not hosting. The families seemed to really enjoy it and the kids had a blast too. I'd like to do something like it once a quarter or so. It also gave me the idea of trying to get our families to go to Joni and Friends camp together this year (all at the same time), so that's what we're working on now. :)

We went to Maryland for Christmas and stayed at my parents' house. I have many fond memories of Christmases growing up, and I still love to be there! It's a bit crowded with 22 of use in one house (10 are children), but none of us would choose to stay anywhere else either! I'll post some pictures and more about our Christmas in a separate post.

So that's been our December! I like the deviation from our normal school routine, but I'm always so relieved to get back to Five in a Row!

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