January 08, 2009

This is always good to know!

One of the things I'm always wondering with Jacob is if we're covering what we should be. Jane Claire Lambert, when she wrote Five in a Row, used an elementary scope and sequence to develop the lessons in order to be sure that she covered what needed to be covered. But, by way of design, we could choose to not cover important stuff! Some weeks there are 5 science lessons offered in the manual, some weeks there are none. And I just choose to do whatever lessons I want to do that week. Sometimes I choose none, sometimes we do all of them.

The other day I was at a friend's house all day. Their family home schools but they use a DVD/textbook approach (one used in many Christian schools) which is basically the opposite of how we school, using unit studies. I certainly have no issue with how they school, it's just not how we do it. (I won't say I haven't thought of it! I think it would be easier on my part because it would eliminate all of my planning which is very attractive!)

Well, while I was there we were talking about our curricula, and I glanced over the table of contents of this second grade curriculum. And then when I came home I glanced at the kindergarten and first grade ones as well. And I was very pleased to find out that Jacob has a very good grasp of every single concept they present in that curriculum!!! (And many more concepts, actually.) :) Which just tells me that I'm doing something right. And I must be choosing enough of the right things to study.

We're not using textbooks (except for Math), and we may not have much proof of what we do because much of our learning is conversational, but I know he's learning. And it was just good to know that he could go into any typical 2nd grade classroom and hold his own... well, academically speaking. Sitting quietly is an entirely different story!

We love Five in a Row!

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Leslie said...

Yeah!!! Isn't this type of confirmation a real blessing?! I too love FIAR and am thankful for this way of teaching my children. We too skip textbooks (except for math) for many years and find that it has worked well for our family.

You are a great mom and a great teacher. If you figure out the sitting still thing, you can make a fortune I'm sure as there are many of us wondering how to do that as well.

Blessings to you friend!