January 12, 2009

Some old things I found

In my major reorganization and de-cluttering of the weekend, I found a bunch of books that had gotten wet! I had them in our cubby built into the bricks that's made to hold wood for the fireplace. I never thought it would get wet! Somehow it did, and we had a bunch of things get ruined. Thankfully, they were the things I already had in my mind to pitch anyway. There was a stack of Jacob's school papers that had to be trashed, but thankfully I'd already scanned in the most creative or notable things to save. And from now on it will only hold toys in plastic containers!

One of the things I came across was an old 3 ring binder I've had since college. In it I had kept poems, reports, papers, or other inspirational things I wanted to hang on to... they're all printed on paper ya' know, so you have to save the copy of it instead of just putting it on my hard drive! Anyway, the section in the back was of things I'd written and saved. I'd like to type them into my computer, so I thought I'd share a few of them here. So beware, Mom... a couple of tearjerkers ahead.

It was interesting to go back and read these things. Pretty therapeutic, actually! While I have no trouble getting my thoughts out verbally (no snickering), I do not share my soul in conversation. I am one who likes to keep the treasure of my soul locked up and protected. And I suppose I feel like if bear it through the written word I won't be hurt by one's reaction, so it's safer. And maybe in some weird way I can pretend I never bore it.

So keep your eye out for a small portion of my soul.

I think I need a therapist.


Linda said...

We ALL do - and I love the glimpses into your soul when you bare it!

Mi said...

Just checking in on you. Now the FB status makes more sense. I was a little worried.