January 04, 2009

Five in a Row Schedule

So here are the books that remain in Volumes 1-3 for us to "row." I've saved the ones that have deeper topics (like war, slavery, immigration, etc) on purpose, so some of the more mature ones are the ones we have left. We will not have rowed every single Five in a Row book after we complete this list, but the ones I've chosen for us to do.

Volume 1
The Rag Coat
Who Owns the Sun? (This is my favorite book of all of the FIAR ones. It's written by a teenager and is an amazing book!)
Grandfather's Journey
The Giraffe that Walked to Paris (This wasn't one of my favorites, so we might skip it.)

Volume 2
A New Coat for Anna
Mirette on the Highwire
They were Strong and Good
Babar, to Duet or not to Duet
All those Secrets of the World
The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
Follow the Drinking Gourd (I love this one too!)
When I was Young in the Mountains
Gramma's Walk
Wild Horses of Sweetbriar

Volume 3
Daniel's Duck
Henry the Castaway
Climbing Kansas Mountains
Little Nino's Pizzeria
Truman's Ant Farm
Salamander Room

Now I just have to research the topics a bit so I can plan my schedule. A trip to New Jersey would afford some great field trips for They were Strong and Good, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, and Grandfather's Journey. Ellis Island is one of my favorite places to go for some odd reason. I'd love to take Jacob there, though he'll be quite a bit older before he'll really get it. And Salamander Room, and Henry the Castaway and some of the others are good during certain seasons, so I have a bit to think about.

I look forward to having a long term plan... it helps me feel like we're getting somewhere! I know too though that things will come up and it will change. It always does!

And then once we're finished with these books, I think we'll move to the Volume 4 ones for what will be Jacob's 3rd grade year. They are more involved and encouraged to study for 2 weeks as opposed to just one. But I have some other ideas brewing as well... we'll see.

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