January 09, 2009

Jacob's Love Language

I have asked the Lord for wisdom with my kids. One of the specific things I've asked for is to know what really makes Jacob "tick." What motivates him and what he loves. He is so much like me, this shouldn't have been difficult! Next time I should just ask myself.

For the past month or 6 weeks we have been writing notes to each other, Jacob, Robert, and I. Jacob wrote and I Love U. note and put it in the kitchen window by the sink. Then I wrote one and put it on his bed railing where he'd see it first thing in the mornings. We've gone on like this and part of the game is the surprise of it, it seems. And any game is good for us too, as I'm not a very fun mama by nature! It has been a sweet time for us and seems to be building him up, which is always good for a perfectionist who feels like he's a constant failure (despite my efforts at positive affirmation). That's actually the reason I began praying specifically for wisdom here. So "written affirmation" is something I need to remember for him! That is totally it for me too. There's something different about it somehow.

Anyway, the other day he made these cards for Robert and I and put them on our pillows.

This was the front of both of them.


Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! Makes me think about a thuen note-writing spree...hmm, maybe I'll copy?!?

Linda said...

How sweet is that!!!! You'll treasure those for a VERY long time! We could all use those precious little notes from time to time! There's one Jen and Marcy left for me from several years ago that I've left hanging in the phone cabinet in the kitchen, and it makes me smile every time I see it!

ly mom