May 25, 2010


So he turned eight six weeks ago.  Better late than never!

I just can't believe eight years have really passed since I became a mom!  

Jacob is definitely growing up in a lot of ways.  He is still a perfectionist who hates to let someone down.  He is very tenderhearted with people for whom he cares deeply.  He is, however, still ALL BOY.  By that I mean Jacob prefers to build forts and play all day, rather than do any sort of school.  He antagonizes his sister at every opportunity that avails itself.  He makes a gun or sword out of everything that touches his fingers, and proceeds to shoot anything in the general direction.  Jacob loves to build and create things, Hot Wheels tracks and Legos being the latest favorites.  He loves to read, but much more so if the book is non-fiction or involves fighting of any sort.  And he is spunky enough to actually run up to his daddy and pick a fight.

Here is a recent track he drew and used for a couple of weeks.  It's 8 feet long!

Here are some pictures of his birthday (spent with family) and party (we had with friends two weeks later).

Notice the grin upon opening the Hot Wheels gift.


He was so excited to have a pool party with all of his friends this year!

And I have to say, while he's a big eight year old, he still loves to sleep in his mommy and daddy's bed whenever he gets a chance.  He is still a snuggler at heart.


Leslie said...

What a sweet post! THe years can go too quickly can't they? And don't they seem to fall away when you watch them sleeping?

Hugs to you friend!

Linda said...

OH Jacob...The years have passed too quickly since you were in the little bassinet at the hospital. It was so fun when we visited to actually be there for your real birthday....and I'm so glad you had a fun pool party with friends. It'll be fun to swim with you in Florida this summer! It's only 2 months away! Don't grow any more before then, ok?