May 04, 2010

So Long Insecurity: Week 5

You probably thought I decided not to finish this journey! Basically, I just got overwhelmed with life, and anything non-essential went by the wayside, reading included.  But I was determined to FInIsH this book and blogging about it.  I finished it all in a couple of days, but I wanted to come finish my answers here.  I'm sure digging into the book for answers will require more engagement than reading alone.

God has used this book in magnificent ways!  I am finding myself being able to take thoughts captive (especially ones that would have led me to jealousy in the past) and recognize them for the foolishness that they are.  This leads to such freedom!  There is less (not no) stress, anxiety, wondering about others' thoughts about me, and a beautiful lack of mistrust. There is rest and peace in my brain!  And oh! how welcome it is!

Here is the assignment for Chapter 9, as written by Beth:
Here are your very simple assignments this week:
1. Do (don’t just read but actually do) Chapter Nine. In your comment to this post, simply reflect back on your time with God and share anything specific that you received from it.

2. Go to last Saturday’s post (3/6/10) and look at all the verses in the comment section. You will find a wellspring! Pick five Scriptures that speak most powerfully to you right now – five that you feel like you need the most – and write them on the inside of the back cover of the book. (This should be a lot less intimidating than what I asked you to write inside the front cover at the beginning of our journey!)

This one isn't one that leads itself to much writing material!  I did read the prayer in Chapter nine, though I found it challenging to "do" something that hasn't been laid on my heart.  I'm not one to pray something (commit to doing it) unless I'm really there, if that makes sense.

And as far as the scriptures, I confess, I did not read all 1000 comments!  Though, I think I'm weird about this too.  I think scripture might move other people in a different way than it does me.  I don't tend to fall on a scripture and think, "Oh, wow.  That is what I needed today."  Not saying it has never happened, but it doesn't seem to happen much for me.  I usually have those "aha" moments during my quiet time or during a time when I'm in the middle of searching him out.  I guess I have to be more focused or something.  I don't know!  And she says choose the ones that I "feel like I need the most."  I have to say, there is such freedom in the journey for me thus far, that I'm past the "needing them the most" stage.  I'm just rejoicing at the liberty and joy He has brought as a replacement for the insecurity and jealousy I started with.

But I wanted to include this assignment for anyone who might come back later and look for all of them.  :)

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