May 26, 2010

Mattie's Ballet Recital

The little dancing girl had her ballet recital a couple of weeks ago.  It is at her recital I am always assured I have chosen the right dance studio.  The songs are sooooo worshipful, the costumes are modest and the dances are classy.  And Mattie is so happy with her teacher!

That's a lot of itty bitties in one little class, and I'm pretty sure they gave their teacher a run for her money!

Mattie, front and center in all her cuteness. 
This year was interesting for her.  At the beginning of her fourth semester in this level, three new little girls started in her class, so the level of everything totally changed.  I think she was pretty bored.  She is looking very forward to starting in a big girl class in the fall!

The beloved Miss Shanny

Th cranky, tired girl unwilling to smile for a picture.  If she only knew how well her lack of cooperation turned out!

Mattie and her big girl cousins, Hannah and Emily!

And the very serious ballerina.

Mattie hates to have her hair up in any way.  She will wear it how I fix it if I insist, but she always prefers to have it left alone.  As we were getting ready for her dress rehearsal and I was putting her hair in a bun, she said quite disgustedly, "Ugh.  I would have thought about this whole ballet thing if I knew I had to put my hair up in a bundle."


Kjirstin C said...

Oh my goodness, how is it that this little girl can bring sweet "I love her so much" tears to my eyes and then make me laugh out loud at the same time! :) Give her kisses from her Aunt Kjirstin, and tell her she looked beautiful!!

roots youth said...

Mattie you look so beautiful! It looks like your performance went really well! Can you do me a favor and stop growing...I don't want you to keep getting're perfect just how you are :)
Uncle Matt

Linda said...

So adorable! I had forgotten that it already happened....And you can see that she's a little bored - or maybe the camera just caught her at a not smiley moment....Anyway, she's adorable! Even if her hair is in a bundle!

I love you, Mattie!