May 29, 2010

Moments of Joy 16

It's been a while!  But not because the moments of joy have been few.  Here are some sweet times of late:

Indulging the kids at Red Lobster for Robert's birthday.  We let them get whatever they wanted, regardless of their food sensitivities!  (Mattie had macaroni and cheese for her first time ever, Jacob had broiled shrimp and a salad and they both enjoyed a biscuit.  And yes.  We paid pretty dearly for indulging Mattie - bed wetting and severe crankiness for three days.)

A new hobby - digital scrap booking!

Getting in a good chore routine with the kids.  We've not really done that since we moved a year ago.

Using that same routine to begin our school day with Bible reading time in bedrooms - this means I get a turn too!

Expecting trouble, but watching Jacob do remarkably well with the first three days of long division!

Spending Mother's Day with my Mom!

Watching my kids' delight as they play on the neighbor's water slide for hours. and hours. and hours.

Two nights of uninterrupted sleep (meaning Mattie stayed in her bed all night long). Doesn't happen very often.

Seeing Jacob's utter joy as he came home to a newly rearranged bedroom!

A sore back.  But a good sore, because it came from planting flowers and vegetable seeds.

My first attempt at a vegetable garden going well!

A spontaneous trip to a home school conference with my older sister and aunt!

A younger sister, brother-in-law, mom and dad who are willing to watch my kids so I can go to said conference guilt free!

Answered prayers.

A science program that looks just perfect.  And a family with boys to do it with.

A husband who gives me feedback (when I beg for it!) that gives me clarity I've been lacking.

Watching Mattie tan as if she's Native American.  :)
I could so easily go on and on.  God is good no matter how many moments of joy I can list, but I believe it brings Him joy to ascribe all good things to Him!

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Leslie said...

What a sweet list! I can hear the joy in your words. It lifted my heart to read your blessings!

Thanks for the encouragement to enter Rebecca in the Kohls contest. We are all very excited about her win.