May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Robert!

Today Robert turns 35! 

I'm thankful for you, Robert!  I'm thankful for your loyalty, your hard work in being a good provider for us, the laughter you incite, the steadiness you have to offer, and the way you keep me on my toes.  You make life so much more fun!

Happy Birthday!!

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Linda said...

so grateful for you , Robert, for all the reasons Lissa listed and many more. You love your children and are involved in their lives, and you love Lissa, you let me come and visit....(though you are often out of town when that happen! :^) I just wish they'd figure out why you are not feeling well. Then you might be back to jumping down my stairs with the mask, light sabre and cape shouting " Bibleman!!' Don't know that we're ready for that again, thoughI think the little ones would adjust - after a minimal amount of counseling!