May 31, 2010

Little Girl's Rooms

Mattie's room is always a disaster, with the exception of the first day after I have cleaned it up.  She has a ton of random little things that while they seem like junk, play very important roles in her every day imaginary play.  She LOVES to stuff bags and purses with all of this as she goes about her days.  But none of it seems to have a home, so it is all very hard to sort as she cleans up her room (which she's not good at anyway!).

After moving her bed and finding everything under it, this is what we had. 

I had an idea that seemed to make sense and it has worked out beautifully!
I got these shallow (6" deep) Sterilite containers so ALL of the random stuff can be easily seen.  They fit easily under her bed, so all we have to do is throw stuff in and hide them!  And we can add one more when we need to.

Then I posted on a message board and asked for any other ideas.  One mom suggested using a show hanger on the back door for the things that have lots of little pieces, but do well being seen.  This was perfect!!
Mattie came home from being at Grandmama's and said with great excitement, "My pockets!!  I have pockets!"  (Who would have thought pockets would be so exciting?  I should have known...)

Here's what we have now.  And amazingly enough, today is day three and it still looks pretty close to this!  I've seen her finding things and being excited about putting them away in the right spot.  I know the excitement won't last, but maybe the cleanliness will.


Linda said...

It looks great - and fun! Only Mattie would get that excited about pockets. But when do we get to see Jacob's renovations? I'm sure you've done an equally workable and exciting project for him - can't wait!


Kjirstin C said...

That's so cute!! :) She looks so much older in that picture - and it's only been 3 weeks since I've seen you!!

Leslie said...

Way to go Mom!!! (And Mattie for keeping it up!) Her room is beautiful! I need you to come help me with decorating!!!