January 21, 2011

Review: Magnificent Moon


DNGs are digital units complete with everything you need for a week of school for your K-4th grader.  They include links to videos, vocabulary words, printable worksheets and lapbook components, suggestions for books to enjoy and so much more!  Click here to check out all that's available.  As far as DNGs go generally, there is too much for us to cover in one week for sure.  Jacob does not like doing lapbooking components or hands on stuff (the reason I don't have a lot of pictures of my kids doing stuff), so we just do the reading, videos, and discuss the questions that available to print.  (I love that I don't have to spend time looking for the videos and my kids enjoy them!)  Mattie enjoys the lapbooking stuff for her level, but she's not writing or reading yet, so she just sits and reads with us too.  When Mattie gets older, I could see her enjoying these a lot more.  

Magnificent Moon
This past week the kids and I enjoyed Magnificent Moon!  Jacob learned about the moon when he was in Kindergarten, but it's been a while so it was good to review it all.  In addition to reviewing the phases of the moon and observing them in our (albeit cloudy) winter sky, we learned a lot of surprising things about the moon, its characteristics and the astronauts who have seen it all!  Unique to Magnificent Moon (in my DNG experience anyway) is an art component where we learned about specific paintings done by an astronaut who has walked on the moon.  My kids enjoyed the stories behind the paintings that Amanda Bennett provided for us... I think they'll actually remember the art because they know why it was painted.

by Jacob, 8 years

Here's what else you'll experience when you use Magnificent Moon with your children:
Day 1: What Exactly Is a Moon?
Day 2: Getting to Know the Moon
Day 3: The Story of the Moon
Day 4: Science Secrets of the Moon
Day 5: Cool Things About the Moon

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