November 14, 2007

Ah, what blessed silence!

Well, minus the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

I decided to take a stab at potty training Mattie since she's exhibiting many of the characteristics on the list that says she might be ready. And I had 4 uninterrupted days, with the exception of church tonight. Anyway, we survived yesterday afternoon, but quickly realized this morning that I cannot focus on her like I need to with Jacob around! (I do a potty training boot camp, if you will, which is nothing but pottying for a couple of days. It is a bit inconvenient, but it worked really well with Jacob, so we're doing it that way again.) He wants to talk, sing, giggle, climb on me (because I'm so close to the ground so much) and tons of other distracting things that 5 year old boys do! So, what else to do but call Grandmama? :) She rescued me (and probably Jacob) and decided to keep him a bit longer after Mattie went to sleep. So now it's been 2+ hours of quiet at my house! Ahhhhhh... not something that happens often around here since Jacob stopped napping over a year ago.

I should have taken a nap or buried my nose in a book, but I decided to clean my rather desperate looking house instead. Tis quite a pity to wash floors in my quiet time!!! Oh well, I have gotten two loads of laundry through, put laundry away (don't be too's been clean since last week!), vacuumed and washed my floors, cleaned my kitchen and loaded my dishwasher. (Good thing it's not our county with water restrictions!)

I suppose I should get off here and go clean a few more horizontal surfaces before the princess wakes up and I'm required to say, "When you have to go pee-pee you RUN to the potty!!" every two minutes until I'm rescued by church time.

PS And for anyone who's curious, yes, she looks incredibly cute in the big girl panties!! Especially when she pulls them up herself and walks around with the top half of her hiney hanging out completely oblivious to her indiscretion!


mom said...

I need a picture of that....the adorable hiney, that is! Lest anyone think I'm weird, I think there's nothing cuter than a little tiny hiney, while the owner is still young enough not to mind it being squeezed!

And if you really are honest, you (reader) will have to agree!

Dan and Marcy said...

Way to go girl - I hope it's going well. I also have a few rare minutes of quiet with just my little princess here with Cate and Ben at an extra choir practice - not quite quiet, but a lot less action than usual - it's so nice to have this one on one time... It's amazing how different the time with your first is than time with any other... I'm going to really miss this someday!