November 30, 2007

My Christmas list

I've been mulling this over and thought I'd get it all down in one place with links so it's easy for Robert (and any of the rest of you who feel giving this year! Ha!). So here are a few of the things I'd like this year...

*Renewed subscription to WORLD magazine (I have 8 free weeks and I'm really enjoying it. $10 cheaper at this site.)
*Cubic Zirconia nickel free earrings (The ones I have make my ears itch. I'll ask for diamonds another year.)
*An apron (maybe even a cute blue one??)
*Decorative cross to hang on my wall (I love these and I think I'll start collecting them. I like the filigree ones, the ones with verses, the metal ones. Really, I like all of them, and I don't think you can have too many crosses in a house!)
*A cozy pullover sweatshirt (Can you have too many of these??)
-that isn't blue (won't wear blue with blue jeans) or white (I'll stain it immediately!)
-and doesn't have a winter scene on it (I can't bring myself to wear that in April, KWIM??)
-plain, brand name, sportswear name, I don't really care... just not Hanes Her Way from WalMart! :)
*Fontanini 5 inch Nativity pieces (I only have Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus/Manger)
Amazon list:
*Classics of the Christian Faith CD set (I really want these!)
*Preparing Him for the Other Woman
*The Sacred Romance on CD (Thanks, Little Acorns, for that idea!)

I suppose that's good. Normally I have so few requests I always know exactly what I'm getting. This year with enough ideas I guess some of it will actually be a surprise!)

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Little Acorns said...

Hi Melissa! :) I found a link to your blog on training hearts at home. Thanks for the great info on the book about sons. I'm going to ask for this too; it looks great!

About "The Sacred Romance"- you might consider asking for the audio version at some point. It's EXCELLENT. Whoever reads Eldredge's books on audio for him does a great job. Dh and I got things out of the audio version that both of us had missed in the book and it is fun to listen to a book like this together on long car trips and such, so I just thought I'd write and tell you. May you have a blessed Christmas!