November 04, 2007

Little Hands

We went Friday for our first time to a little art group. It's called "Little Hands" and it's several homeschooling families we know around here. It's once a month, will cover some art topics, and provide some hands on fun!

Here's Mattie enjoying painting a picture of herself. She went crazy when she realized I was going to let her paint!

Each month they choose a theme of some sort to talk about. This month they were doing self-portraits. (Not a great place to start with Jacob who will know full well "That doesn't look like me!!") So I modified an idea I got from Michelle and printed a very light black and white picture of Jacob on watercolor paper so he had something to work with.

We did still have one major mouth incident involving tears (that he recovered from quickly, thankfully!), but got to learn a beauty of watercolor is that you can kind of wash it off!

So, here's mouth #2 (and the finished product). We could have put another layer of paint over this, but I didn't want to encourage the perfectionism.

So, here I present Jacob's first self-portrait! He was quite proud of it!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jacob! I love your painting! You did a great job!

Aunt Candace

Valerie said...

I was excited to see you updated your blog! Looks like you all have been having a lot of fun with school! Your idea of painting over a black and white picture was a great idea!