November 17, 2007

A Great Christmas Gift Suggestion

I'm trying to find a couple of gifts for both of my kids together this year. One of them is a marble track. I thought I'd pass on the suggestion!

We have had a borrowed marble track at our house for 6 months or so. My mom brought it from her house (It was my 22 year old sister's more than 15 years ago!) for my kids to play with while I did lots of hours of painting and stuff last winter. And my kids have played with it every day! This is one toy that has been played with by boys, girls, toddlers to 12 year olds. Virtually every child who comes into my house plays with this toy. It requires creativity, teaches cause and effect, and doesn't have a large footprint!!! :) Mattie loves to roll the marbles over and over, and Jacob is spending hours each day building and rebuilding various tracks, tunnels, bridges, and shelters.

The one we have is on borrowed time (it's life, I mean) and the plastic is getting brittle. I want to return it to my mom's house because the grandkids enjoy it so much, and my sister might want to save it for her kids. So I'm buying my kids one of their own this year.

Here is the discovery toys one. This is an updated version of the one that has lasted so long at our house.
I'm buying this one from Mindware. It seems a bit sturdier than the one we have, is cheaper, and has some fun pieces to it.

I know my kids will be so excited when they open this gift, so I thought I'd share the idea!


Kjirstin C said...

Yeah, I love that toy! And I'm an adult! :) I can't see the one that you're buying though, it's not working. They will love it, I'm sure!

Elinette said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a great toy.

I enjoy reading your blog.

Ely (from the FIAR Boards)

Christy said...

We have that exact marble run you have pictured here. It was a Christmas present last year and it has been played with non-stop! Even mom and dad have gotten in on the fun a few times, so, good choice!

Christy from FIAR boards