November 04, 2007

Fall Leaves

We have had quite an extended fall leaves study this year. We started it in September, but it was just too hot! So we put it off for a couple of weeks until the leaves were actually changing. Here are the leaves we collected from trees between here and our neighbors' house.

Here is the display we made to learn the tree names for each separate leaf. I have tried to make not of the tree names as we see the different trees when we're out and about. It has been a challenge for me to commit the tree names to memory too! (And we are curious, did Zaccheus actually get in a Sycamore tree or is that just part of the song?? Jacob was pretty excited that we found a sycamore leaf in Tennessee! It's the huge leaf in the top right corner.)

Here is Jacob's Leaf Man he created!

And here is our page of leaf rubbings. We did these along with our study of the leaf parts and a little printable book about them. The leaf rubbing was one of the things Jacob enjoyed most, I think. Actually, he just asked to get some more leaves so he could make more!

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