November 25, 2007

Signs of the times

Jacob: Mom, let's put some more red balls on the tree.
Me: We can't, Jacob. We only have the glass ones that have already broken and Mattie will just break more of them. We have to get some that won't break.
Jacob: But I think they're so pretty.
Me: We don't have the right kind, but we can get some at Wal Mart if they have them.
Jacob: Why don't you just look on Firefox or Google? I'm sure you can find them there.

Is this really my 5 year old???


Matt said...

I love it when you post those little conversations...he is so cute!

MOM said...

Ditto to Matt! It lets us in on a portion of your day, and makes us feel closer! And yes, he is SO cute! Only 25 days 'til we see you and yours! YAY!!! WOOHOO!!! Can't wait!