November 05, 2007

It's Thanksgiving Time!!!

I'm so ready for this holiday season! I'm about to pull out my Christmas tree already too! (I'm refraining because Robert will think I'm crazy, and he's probably right!)

Well, I finally got it together and organized my Thanksgiving plans for school. Not a minute early, am I? Here they are in case you're interested. To save myself a lot of time, I did not hyperlink all the words...just gave you the ugly ol' URLs as links. :) And I just copied the notes I made for myself, so they're not all fun to read or anything like that!

General Thanksgiving stuff

Memorize Psalm 100 – write it, put words in order, copy and send to Grandmas

Learn the Doxology

Learn "Give Thanks"

Learn "Count Your Blessings" chorus

Thankful tree

Put dates on timeline (first arrival of Mayflower, then first Thanksgiving)

Paint thumbprint fall leaves trees

Plan Thanksgiving Day menu for Jacob (turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, pie), make some of it ahead of time with him

Major measurement/ comparison/ fractions lesson with baking

Language arts worksheets already printed (analogies/relationships, matching syllables)

Turkey color by number

Turkey t-shirt with both kids

First Thanksgiving - 2 days

Copy summary paragraph

The first Thanksgiving in the USA was held in 1621. The feast was shared by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. They ate corn, squash, and wild turkeys. The Indians brought most of the food.

Read The First Thanksgiving

Excellent site!!

Mayflower Study – 2 days

Life on the Mayflower – read book

Mayflower craft – still need to find one

Mayflower hat - looks very fun!

Printable map-paint it?

Summary worksheet

Printable Mayflower picture to color

Pilgrims – 2 days

Pilgrims printable book

Samuel Eaton’s Day

Lots of pictures at this site

Printable picture of pilgrim house to color

Build stick/straw house model like Pilgrims

Turkey Study – 1 day

Turkey printable book (

Hand and foot turkey craft

Read Wild Turkey book

Cranberry Thanksgiving – 2 days

Cranberry crafts (wreath around candle, garland) – make to share with Grandmas

Taste cranberries, make cranberry sauce – freeze for Thanksgiving

Cranberry bog book

Pumpkin Day – 1 day

Bake pumpkin muffins, pie??

Learn about pumpkins

Read books about pumpkins

Pumpkin printable book (

Why do we do pumpkins at Thanksgiving??

Get small pumpkin and open up, use for muffins?

Give Thanks to the Lord – 2/3 days

A unit written by Yours Truly

Five senses overview

Thanksgiving Acrostic poem

Do as much of the unit as possible, maybe Thanksgiving week

Take food to food pantry, Volunteer for an hour (take sling for Mattie!!!)


Anonymous said...

Your plans look great! :) And I'm ready to put up my tree also! But David has already been complaining about the Christmas music I guess I better hold off on asking to put the tree up, lol! :)


Valerie said...

I will definitely be stealing some of your ideas! With two super planner SILs, I have it made!