November 10, 2007

Christmas Lists

I decided to put our Christmas lists up here so all my friends know exactly what to buy us!!! Ha! Just kidding. But I decided this would be a good place to put the things I'm watching for and thinking about for the kids. And just in case you're wondering, they're not getting all of this!
(**means I already have it.)

For Jacob, I'm looking for some fun track pieces for his wooden Thomas and Friends set. He has gotten really good at building some fantastic tracks lately, and some of these special pieces would make it more fun for him.
Ascending track risers (I'm hoping I can hit Uncle Peter up to make us some of these.)
Wacky track
Adapt a track
**Some blue track Thomas and Friends trains I got awhile ago on a good sale
**Christmas Eve Jammies
**Wooden track Mavis
Wooden track freight cars
**Wooden track emergency vehicles from Target

Jacob & Mattie
**Mindware Marble Run & Add on Set
**Mr. Potato Head jumbo pack
**Dress up box with some costumes in it

Mattie (This list is kind of for birthday and Christmas since they're so close together. I'll give her some of this for Christmas and some at her birthday in February.)
Edible chapstick! :)
Disney Princess purse (A cheapo one)
Fisher Price Tea Set (got this on sale recently!)
**Little People Sweet Sounds Home (Woohoo for Ebay!!)
OR kitchen/dishes/food (Fisher Price Grow with me Kitchen)
Crocs Jibbitz (decorations for her beloved Crocs)
**A princess book
A wooden peg puzzle farm animal mother/baby shapes

**Christmas Eve Jammies
Homemade "Bag of Buckles" (Because she LOVES to buckle and unbuckle things!)
Small Stuffed kitty cat (She LOVES cats and dogs and plays with her little stuffed doggie all the time.)

So, if anyone sees a great deal on any of this stuff, let me know (ESPECIALLY the Thomas stuff)!!

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