July 30, 2008

An advantage of a megachurch

Well, I don't know what really constitutes a megachurch, but a church with more than 3000 people per Sunday is pretty close to mega in my book. I'm probably not a megachurch kinda gal, but I sure enjoyed it tonight!

Our worship ministry took a field trip to join their worship ministry practices for the evening. Wow. What great night!! Singing with 200 people is always great, but worshiping for almost 3 hours with 200 musical people who love to worship is about as good as it gets! They were very friendly, loving, welcoming and encouraging. (The fact that the choir is about 30% male did not go unnoticed either.) We also learned about 5 new good songs in one evening!

We made a bunch of observations, but a few stick out:
They weren't all sharing their opinions on how the music minister ought to be doing things.
There was a spirit of worship that was evident on every face I noticed.
They were happy to be there, not rushing to be finished, and seemed to be enjoying every minute of it... no matter how many times we'd sung the songs.
They didn't have rehearsal. They just had church! It just happened to involve the songs they are supposed to sing Sunday morning.

Our point in going was not to come away with a spirit of discontentment about our own body... I'm certain they have grumblers in their church as well! But if we can desire that spirit and heart in our own lives, there will be overflow that will bless the Lord and affect our church.

It was an encouraging night for a lot of reasons, but a fun one as well! And if I ever need to avoid my church for awhile, I think I know where I'll go!

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