July 09, 2008

Don't Make me Count to Three - Book Review

The title of this book by Ginger Plowman was misleading to me. Enough that I overlooked it several times until someone actually wrote a bit of a summary. I'm not a "counter," so I didn't think it was for me. But I was wrong. It is an excellent book!

In summary, it's a book long explanation of Biblical discipline. Foundationally, it involved the same subject matter of Shepherding a Child's Heart, by Ted Tripp, another excellent book. Basically, one can spank all one wants, but if you do not get to the heart of your child, you are not leading them toward God. What I liked better about this book is that it is completely practical (which was something I thought Shepherding... lacked). She gives example after example of errors we make and alternatives we have to serve our children better. More than once I thought, "I don't think I really do that" (though I knew there were plenty of other errors I was making, otherwise why would I have picked up the book in the first place??). Then when she explained whatever "that" was, I realized I was totally doing those things without even realizing it!

Just an excellent book I would highly recommend. Many of the things I've learned I have already implemented with my children. (And it's come at a great time... This is the first week we've been home several days in a row, I had no internet for two days, and we have canceled tv/computer privileges for a week! Why not begin some new parenting techniques??)

The one thing I thought she lacked was a section on toddlers (and what she might suggest when you're in public and can't follow Plan A). I do believe toddlers know what no means, and I do believe they need to be disciplined Biblically. But all of her examples involved a large amount of language and an understanding of that language, something that there is no time for in the midst of a language developing toddler. I'd like to reread it and take some notes for my journal, so maybe I'll find something about toddlers I missed this first time. But other than that, I'm sold.

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Linda said...

Sounds great honey. I love to get a look into your heart and what you're thinking as you grow Jacob and Mattie... I'm sure there were some of these resources available when we were raising you 4, and we did utilize what we were exposed to that we thought worthwhile, but it seems like there's so much more nowadays....

LY and yours - mom
missing you....