July 10, 2008

Mattie's Big-Girl Bed

This is a transition I planned on putting off for a very long time. Because this child does not nap anymore (yes, I've tried whatever you want to suggest!) and is still getting into something every minute of her waking hours, I NEED that crib! It is my only rest from the ever-present thought, "What is Mattie doing this second?"

So, remember we ditched her paci a month or so ago? Or was it a year??? It seems like that long! She has been much happier during the day and for that, I'm thankful we pitched them (she had quite a collection!). Nighttime has been another story. She has been screaming without exaggeration, at the top of her lungs, bloody murder, sometimes as if she was actually possessed, every night at bedtime and anytime she gets up to go potty (at least once a night). YES, I considered getting the paci out more than once (I saved her favorite "pink paci" in a drawer for her memory box) but just couldn't give in. I knew this fight would only be harder next time. And she actually stopped asking for her paci long ago! We have had a few peaceful nights when we've given her Benadryl just because we didn't want to fight with her, which is total avoidance, I realize. But if this behavior was a habit, it was worth trying to break it that way!

So, this week my in laws found a house to rent, so my mother in law moved out of my laundry room (yes, that's what I meant to type-long story!) and made available the twin bed she was using. As scared as I was to take this leap, I set it up in Mattie's room. And totally bribed her. We told her if she'd learn to go to sleep quietly (which she totally understands, more on that later) she could get sheets - My Little Pony or Dora. She picked My Little Pony and we got started that very night.

First night, "Goo' night Mommy!" Happy girl! PRAISE the LORD! And every night since then! She has had to be trained to stay in bed at bedtime, but after the first night, she's not had any trouble. And she's happy to go to bed.

This is what I found the first morning. I used to put toys in her bed for her to play while I took my shower, so she helped herself!

First morning, "Mattie! You slept in your big-girl bed!"
Mattie: "And I went to sleep quietly! Get My Little Pony sheets!" I told you she understood.

It's been 4 or 5 nights and she's been blissfully quiet. When I'm needing my mommy-brain-break, she goes in her room to play with music on and a gate at the door and plays very happily.

I am totally dying to go buy her an adorable hot pink, flowered, girly girl quilt and be done with the red in her room (because she and Jacob used to share), but I'm hoping one of these days our house will sell. Until then or I have money we don't know what to do with, she'll use Jacob's old quilt and red gingham valances. And notice her sheets for now... the Thomas ones Jacob used for two years. She has to sleep quietly for 10 days before she gets her My Little Pony ones. I expect it will be soon!


Linda said...

Oh my goodness! She seems soooo big! I'm not ready for that! (not that anyone asked me!)

And yes, I totally believe that she understands lots more than the average toddler her age - she's so verbal!

hugs and kudos to you all!

Kjirstin C said...

What a big girl :) She looks so grown up - and hopefully soon you'll be in a new house and you'll be able to buy the girliest bed set you can find!!!

Mattie - good job on being a happy girl to sleep!

Love you all ~ Aunt Kjirstin

Valerie said...

What a big girl! I'm glad she likes the big-girl bed! It seems like Will and Colin stopped resisting bedtime a little better once I had them in a twin also!

Matt said...

SO cute! Way to go Mattie!
We miss you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Sleeping little darlings are such wonderful relief at the end of a busy day. So glad this has worked.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, new at this one. I admit I am anonymous by error. :)