July 13, 2008

Our week with Lentil

We studied Lentil the week around July 4th. This was a favorite of both of my kids! We had checked it out form the library, and by the end of our study, I found out I had won this book in a drawing of sorts (thank you homeshoolshare.com!!) so we'd have our own copy. Jacob was very excited!

We used Lentil to kick off a bit of a whirlwind US History unit. While we were reading this, we began History for Little Pilgrims (again) and reading one chapter a day, are only one chapter away from the revolution. Then this week we'll study Paul Revere. I have been feeling like Jacob needed some sort of US History concept fairly soon, so this has been perfect.

This week we learned about our flag's history, patriotism, and choosing cheerfulness.

Then one of our most fun activities was a study on taste buds and sweet, sour, bitter, salty. We set up potato chips, raw sugar, vanilla, and lemons.

All three boys loved the sugar, of course!

This little guy obviously isn't ours (he's one of Jacob's favorite playmates), but I couldn't resist posting this one! In spite of the taste bud reaction causing his facial expression, he kept sucking on his lemon!

Then we talked about how we put vanilla in all of our cookies, cakes, homemade ice cream, etc and how good it makes all of our baked goods! Each boy had a spoon of vanilla (just a few drops) that they were quite eager to taste!

Here's their immediate reaction! I guess they didn't like "bitter" after all!


Linda said...

So good to catch up with you! Now that life has settled down here, about 4 hours ago, we'll have to chat this week!

LY much - and looking forward to August and FL, but not wishing the rest of this summer away!


ps - hugs to all!

Valerie said...

Will really liked Lentil also! It was the very first book that we rowed!

Mi said...

I love the pictures! We all had a great time. The boys talked about the different tastes for days.