July 13, 2008

Our afternoon in the sun!

Last week we got invited to go jet-skiing with some friends from church. (Well, I guess we knew them a long time before we went to church together! The father of this family was my boss when I taught, then I served their family with our Birth to Three program when their daughter was born with down syndrome. And now, they go to our church. So we've been friends for a long time.) Anyway, here are a couple of fun pics.

Jacob has ridden on a jet ski before. Actually, he tells us regularly we need to buy one. We keep telling him to get a job. He's not taking us up on it.

He was a bit reserved at first...

Here he is after a few donuts!

And Mattie took a ride too! This was her first, and I thought she'd want me along. No way! She was off and never looked back, and she came back begging for more. She wouldn't take her life vest off until I forced her in the car.

Jacob and Anna dressing up when she was here playing one day.

They've been over here a couple of times lately and she and Jacob have a blast! Anna told her mom she was coming to live with us and even wrote me a letter to come pick her up! It is funny to hear them play together. They play like a cranky old married couple, but never need intervention.

Then last week she kissed Jacob a couple of times on the cheek. Of course he said, "Yech!" And Anna later told her mom, "It's okay Mom, because after he wiped it off, I saw hearts coming out of his head!" A few too many princess movies, I guess...

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