July 05, 2008

Happy July 4th!

We had a great day yesterday! We started off with a family bike ride and swimming at the lake. Bike rides have become one of our favorite things to do together. So after we rode for an hour or so, we settled down on a little beachy part to swim, watch the boats, and relax.

I was so impressed with Jacob! We go on our vacation in August each year, then come home and often don't swim after that. So any skills Jacob has gained that summer get lost over the winter. But this year he's jumped back in right where he left off! Yesterday he was swimming out so far in the lake we kept telling him to come in! I'm proud of him, but mostly I'm just glad for his sake. It's so much nicer to not be afraid of the water!

And of course Mattie was in heaven... I think her heaven will be one huge waterpark.

A sunbathing break.

Some good balance practice with Daddy (while Mommy laid
still in the sun!).

And we came home and flew the new kite Robert got for the kids! Jacob enjoyed flying it too. He only let go once, but that was when he was running to check on Mattie when she got hurt. Thankfully Robert was close enough to jump up and grab the rope before it flew into the stratosphere.

And then for the evening we went to hang out with some good friends, Pam and Eddie. We've known these guys since before we were dating!

We've camped with them, vacationed with them, gone to church with them, and just about everything else imaginable. They're in the grandparent stage of life, but they still love having our kids around and love them like we do. We've gone through a lot of stages where we haven't seen each other much, but we can always pick up where we left off! It's one of those priceless connections that are few and far between, I think.

Pam and Eddie's son and his family.


Gabe and Cole (Mattie's partners in crime for the February wedding.)

I got to snuggle me some good chub and slobber with this little guy, Jensen.

We did try for fireworks in the evening, but the "bang" we ended with was from God, in the form of lightning and thunder and a fast break for the car! We did hit the fireworks stand at buy 1, get 2 free, so we'll have our own show here tonight for the kids.

Happy Independence Day!

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Valerie said...

Looks like a really fun and relaxing day!