January 17, 2010

Back to issue of needing God

And another aspect of it that has me thinking.

In case anyone wonders if I've lost my mind, I do, by the way, know that I clearly need God.  I know that we only have money in our bank account because He has given it to us.  I know that my children are healthy as a gift from Him.  I know that my home has been safe thus far because He has kept it safe.  What I mean is do I live like I need God.  Or do I live in a self-secure little world that is so protected and well planned that it seems there is no need for His help.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm making any sense or not!  I just want to make adjustments for more than several reasons.  Of course, none of these are decisions are mine alone.  That doesn't tend to go over well in a marriage!

It does make me sad that we are so affluent compared to the world's standards, but compared to many other Americans, we're already making a lot of sacrifices!  We could sell a car and give that money away, but life in America almost requires two cars these days.  We could sell it all and move to Africa.  But life in Africa doesn't pay like life in America, so that would serve no purpose!  It's like a catch 22.

And when I say, "What's wrong with us?" I mean, "What's wrong with me."  I want to make these changes in my own life.  I want to do some things differently so I can be available to help more, financially and otherwise.  Where are my priorities?  Is my heart desperate for His intervention in even the little things?

Well... I'm done with my rambling.  This isn't one of those concepts that I can write about eloquently.  Probably because it's all jumbled up in my own head!


Marya said...

Love your blog and your heart!

Matt Magee said...

Loved your post, Lissa. Pretty convicted by it, actually. And what's worse...I don't want to be (hahaha). At any rate, I'm so proud of the woman of God you are! I'm super proud to be your big brother:-)
Love ya',