January 20, 2010

Praying for...

So often I sit down to pray and feel like I just get stuck in a rut praying the same old thing for people.  Especially for Robert and the kids.  I have made lists in journals, but that doesn't seem to help.  I jsut end up with rutted lists!  I do enjoy praying scripture for anyone.  I  figure I can't go wrong with that!  But I also like the idea of lists or schedules to pray for people.

There are some really good books for this type of thing, but we have seriously tightened the belt on our budget, so I just decided to google instead. I found these lists I thought I'd share.  All three of them have scriptures included.

My sister found this late one night and shared it with me.  It is not necessarily a prayer list, but a nicely condensed list of attitudes and thoughts of mine I can pray to keep in check.  (It's nice to have it all on a few pages rather than an entire book!)  These are all certainly areas in which I can use improvement!  And I know as God makes me more like Him, Robert will be blessed.

On another note, I am struggling "finding" time to pray.  I do very well when I have a routine.  And I have the time if I could add up 5 minute snippets at a time.  I used to feel guilty like I was choosing the computer over God, but in reality, I can e-mail with little focus for 3 or 10 minutes.  I can get up in the middle to break up an argument, help with a glass of water, or wipe a hiny.  I can't get focused on God in 3 minute snippets.  I just don't function that way.  Sure, I can pray in three minutes snippets, but not commune with and spend time with Him.

I enjoy my time with God when I can read His word for a few minutes to help my brain slow down and focus on Him.  Sometimes it's just a chapter or two, and sometimes I get hung up somewhere and end up reading for much longer.  After that I enjoy praying and manage to stay well focused on Him.  The problem is I need it to be quiet!  And quiet and small children don't mix!

I really need to get up in the morning, shower (to wake up) and have some time then.  Though that seems a bit pointless... if I ever do get up before she does, Mattie has a radar for my movement and will be up very soon after.  (Maybe I could shower downstairs.  Hmmm...)  If I wait until after everyone is in bed, it is quiet, but I end up falling asleep!  I just don't know what to do!  I feel like it's terrible parenting to put them in front of the tv, movie, or wii so I can have a quiet time.  (We generally watch very little tv.) And if I do bedroom time in the afternoon, Mattie comes out every 5 minutes asking if it's over yet.

It's not that I feel guilty, because He knows this season I am in, but I MISS my time with Him!  I miss what He teaches me, speaks to me, and asks of me.  I miss the conviction and softening that comes from time with Him.  Mostly, I just miss the time at His feet.

How do you get there??


Anonymous said...

I hope I can share this without sounding like a know-it-all. :) But, God has been doing such a huge work in my life regarding prayer over the last year that I thought I'd share a few things He has done for me.

First of all - when do your kids go to bed? I know you said you are tired...but surely it is before 9pm?? I have found that my best time with the Lord is in the evenings...it is quiet, I have that feeling of relief that the kids are in bed...and I can read and pray to my heart's content. Could you have time with God RIGHT when the kids go to bed instead of waiting til YOU are ready for bed? Just a thought...you may have already tried that, but it's been working for me.

My other suggestion is that now that you and I don't have babies, our kids are old enough to understand that mommy needs a few minutes with God to pray. I have started going into my room at anytime during the day, shutting the door and just staying on my knees for awhile. The kids generally just go on playing with each other or doing whatever they were doing...half the time they don't even notice. :) And if they ask, I just say I need to spend some time with God right now. I'll be out in a few minutes. So far, this is working out great!

I do pray in the mornings before i get out of bed...but that isn't my longest, most focused time. Just a few minutes laying in bed, begging God for grace for the day. :)

Lastly, I've been carrying around index cards with prayer requests and scriptures on them...this helps me be in more of a state of "prayer without ceasing..."

Not that in any way, shape, or form have I perfected the gift of prayer. Not by any means. These are just some blessings God has given me over the past few months.

Sorry so long...I'll pray that God will allow you to find a plan and time that works for you. :)

Melissa said...

You don't sound like a know-it-all! I asked! These are good suggestions.

I know what it boils down to is just finding a way to MAKE it work for me. I have gotten up three days in a row before the kids (showered to wake myself up) and had great time with Him. The kids have been awake by the end of it each day, but I remembered how nicely they play first thing in the morning! They play well together or on their own, so it's actually been perfect.

I also ask the Lord first thing to help my time with Him be fruitful, and He's honored that. :)


Lisa said...

I am so glad that you posted the link to the "Questions for a Godly Wife"... It is something I struggle with sometimes... To acknowledge and appreciate all the blessings I have been given and to be thankful for the wonderful man I have married...
Lisa W