January 23, 2010

Bet you want a boot like this!

Last Thursday afternoon, Mattie wasn't coming inside with all of the other kids.  I ended up having to go out and carry her in.  For the remainder of that day, she was hopping to avoid putting pressure on her foot.  Whenever she got distracted and put weight on it, she'd fall over crying.  There was no swelling or bruising, and she couldn't tell me anything that happened to hurt it.

Friday morning, she woke up fine!  But as the days went on she'd have times off and on where she'd start running and end up hopping or just crawl to stay off it altogether.  I finally decided yesterday to take her in and have it looked at, assuming she needed an x-ray.  She was just acting too much like it was a stress fracture in the way it would be fine in the mornings and get progressively worse as the day went on.

Well, her pediatrician agreed.  She said she has a mild stress fracture in her heel or ankle somewhere.  The x-rays weren't clear enough to show exactly where, but she said it didn't really matter.  Either way, she's in a boot for two weeks minimum, possibly four.  We go back two days before her birthday for a recheck.  I'm pretty sure by then she'll be fine as mild as it seems to be.

The boot isn't slowing her down a bit, not surprisingly!  (I did not make her pose like that.  I said, "Show me your boot!" and this is what I got.)  She did get frustrated yesterday when she was tired and tripped several times in a row, but she seems to be adjusted just fine at this point.

I painted it for her to help her like it.  :)  That plain old black was just too boring for this little girl.  When I showed her this morning, she said, "Um, I wanted it all pink."  Well, I tried.  A can of spray paint seems a bit much.


Dan and Marcy said...

So glad she has you to make it fun!! Hope she mends quickly too!

Paula said...

Very cute!! You did a great job momma!!

Kjirstin C said...

It's so adorable!! I love all the personality that little girl has - it's very clear in the picture! Great job on the boot too.

Matt Magee said...

It (she, really) is so adorable! And yes, all pink would have been a bit tacky, so I think you did well Liss'. I hope she heals quickly.