January 17, 2010

A Neat Sunday!

I've been praying about some ways to bring interaction between the typical and special needs kids at our church.  I had an idea recently that began today and it was a blessing to see it come to fruition!

We will have a small group of typical kids come from their Sunday School classes for the last 15 or 20 minutes of class.  They will come into our class and either play, do an activity of their choosing, or help us with something we're doing.  Our goal is obviously, to develop relationships between the typical kids and those with special needs.  But it is also to give typical kids an opportunity to serve and discover their gifts.

Today 5 of our fifth graders came and it was wonderful!  They jumped right in and helped us with our life size coloring project.  They were cheerful, unafraid and willing to get close to the kids.  The neat part is that they had a lot more than 5 that wanted to come!  So they're bringing another group next week.   We also have two typical little girls who want to come to my class every week (instead of their typical class!) so they can help!

The best way I know to explain it is that my heart was full of joy while I watched the kids interact.  I've been praying about this for so long, experiencing it today was a gift!


Anonymous said...

Let me know when my girls classes are coming...and if not I'd love for them to come with another group sometime soon! It's a great idea!! :)

Kjirstin C said...

That is SO sweet!!

Matt Magee said...

WOW. Really, REALLY cool!