January 30, 2007

A Beautiful Woman

More importantly, do not neglect inner beauty. Alice Painter says that when a woman is sixteen, she can't help it if she isn't beautiful. But if she is sixty and not beautiful, it's her fault! A woman who is miserable on the inside will show it in her wrinkles and her countenance. She will show it in her actions, pushing others away. She will reveal it in her voice, which may be loud and strident or whining and complaining or ridiculing in tone. The woman who is loved and knows she is loved [by the Lord], and who loves the Lord and loves her husband will be lovely. Intended for Pleasure by Dr. Ed Wheat. (This chapter is by his wife, Gayle.)

This chapter is talking about ways we can be a "perfect" wife. Not by definition of the word perfect, but if we behave in loving, non-critical ways toward our husband, he will overlook our faults and have his "perfect" wife.

I was reading this last night and thought this was interesting. I have always thought older women to be beautiful. When I think of the word beautiful, I think of an older woman who has shining eyes and holds her head up high, because she has learned contentment and peace. I don't know why, but I think when I'm older I'll have so much more wisdom just from living. To come out "on the other side" will be beautiful! But even now I can choose to have a cheerful heart and support my husband without criticism. I can choose to behave beautifully, just because I love Robert that much, and because I want to be pleasing to my King!

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