January 18, 2007

Jacob...the recovering toothpaste addict

Well, just for everyone's peace of mind, (I know this is as important to you all as it is to us! ) his reactions have definitely been from the toothpaste. His eyes look bright and non-puffy, and we've had the best two behavior days we've had in several weeks!! And I found some corn free children's toothpaste that should arrive in a few days. Until then, it's just water...and him asking several times a day if he can have his toothpaste back. (You know that food allergy addiction we talk about where you crave what you're allergic to??? Case in point!)

And a quick note about Mattie. I've discovered how to make some money on her. I'm going to submit her to Graco to be a highchair safety strap tester. If I have it loose enough for her to take a deep breath, she can squirm right out of it, and does several times a meal. She's ROTTEN!!!!! My dilemma: do I cause her to hyperventilate by having it too tight, or do I let her fall on her head as she stands up on her tray?? Hmmmm...

At least noone can ever claim that being a stay at home mom is ever boring!!


Matt said...

What about padding the floor around her and identifying two or three meals where you and Robert are really on your game and let her fall...just not so hard (ya' know...enough to really get her heart pumpin'). Maybe it's easier to write this b/c I have none of my own to test my theories on.
Make sure you keep a good thread on how this battle of the wills goes.

Linda said...

I see 3 options, perhaps....not claiming that any one of them is truly doable!

1. cut the legs on her high chair shorter
2. stop feeding her when she succesfully escapes (before the fall!) and tough it out with her 'til the next meal???
3. use Jacob's car seat harness and attach it to the high chair

Matt said...

Now those are the words of experience!

Nana said...

Melissa, you are a "super mom"! I can't belive how you have struggled with all the allergies that he has, and to find out that he is allergic to TOOTHPASTE!! I have never heard of that before. Who would have thought?? I sure hope that he outgrows some of his allergies and he can get his toothpaste back. I have heard of lots of addicts, but this is the first toothpast adict I have ever known!!! hahaha