January 27, 2007

I did it!

Well, here are new dos for both of us! My hair minus 5 inches and Mattie's first few days with a barrette!

I've had the itch to cut mine for a couple of weeks now and have decided that the 10 inch ponytail for locks of love is not for me. I'd love to be able to do it, but I still had 4 inches left (minimum) and I just couldn't really hold out that long. I decided to save that charity for the people who look good with the hair that makes 10 inch ponytails!

I've been tired of wearing a ponytail every day and the other days it just looks yucky.
I'm not going to blow dry and curl it every day. This only took me 5 minutes to do this morning. That's my kind of haircut!! Actually, I was going to go this length but lots more shorter layers, but I got this far and liked it, so I stopped.

The funny thing is when I was looking with Candace at pictures yesterday, I said I don't want shoulder length and
I won't do any more bangs...and I ended up with both!!

Now I'm off to do my taxes...


Matt said...

It's cute Liss...I really like it. I like the new 'do' for Mattie as well. She is such a doll!!

Jeni said...

I LOVE IT! HOw you manage to do that yourself...remind me to send you the picture that I took of myself in the mirror when I was waxing my own eyebrows for the first time b/c K said it was a cinch! HA. I was picking sticky bubble-gum resembling wax out of my eyebrows (those I wanted gone and those I REALLY needed to keep!) for an hour! I'll never try to cut my own hair...but you do such a great job!

Mom said...

It looks great, Liss - but I'm not surprised. You always look great at the end! BTW, I may need your talents next week..... :^)