January 15, 2007

New Year's Commitments

I thought I'd share some about the commitments I've made recently for some accountability...

At our new church the pastor has been encouraging the church to read through the Bible this year. My first thought was, "I've already done that." Well, I started thinking more about it and feeling like it's certainly something good to do. Maybe God was urging me! Plus I am never sure what to read during my quiet time anyway! So, I started a week late, but I'm on board. I'm up to Genesis 29 so far and it's been good to remember the things I'd forgotten already. I love to read through the Old Testament because it gives me a good understanding of the big picture. I was amazed the first time how many things just fit together when it's read in its entirety. I'm reading it through in a way that illustrates the order of how the recorded events actually occurred (rather than just reading from cover to cover). I really love doing it that way when I get to Psalms. That way I get to read David's Psalms in context and it makes so much more sense! Anyway, that's commitment #1.

Another thing our church is doing is memorizing one scripture each week. This is one area in which I have failed greatly. I don't randomly memorize well, I don't know what verses to pick to memorize, and have been willfully ignoring the fact that it would be good for my walk with the Lord to hide His word in my heart!! Sooo, commitment #2: memorize one verse each week with the church. The church had the selected verses printed on cards and I have the first two weeks' cards (ooh, that reminds me to go get the third week's card!) up in my window by my kitchen sink. We all know I spend plenty of minutes there each day! I have done the first two week's verses with little effort and really enjoyed it because I know I'm pleasing the Lord.

This week's verse (I just went and got the card out!):
For you have bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 6:20 NASB

Kind of a humbling verse to read as I record my mediocrity in regard to spiritual things. Thankfully, He thinks we're worth that price no matter what we do.

Two more things I've been attempting to do kind of go together. I've been failing miserably at the "management" part of my home. With Robert gone several days each week I've had no reason to stay structured with much. That combined with a little girl who allows me little free time, I've not been getting much accomplished. So, I just kind of wander aimlessly through my day. So, I made myself a weekly schedule of my responsibilities. Included on that is a wake up time (hate that!!!) designed for me to get up, shower and have a quiet time before my kids are up. I shoot for 7 AM each day and other than last week when I had two sick kids, the Lord has been helping me. I find now He's waking me up earlier so by the time my alarm goes off I'm actually bored of laying in bed. You know that's gotta be from the Lord!!!

So, these are the commitments I've made to the Lord...and now to all of you! I leave it open for anyone to ask me at any time how these things are going; that will help hold me accountable! The most accountability for me comes from knowing that the Lord is pleased...not that He loves me any more, but knowing that He delights in the time I spend with Him and serving Him.

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