January 11, 2007

Introducing myself

Well, I'm finally doing it...creating a blog for anyone who cares. I guess I'll find our who's out there!

My purpose for this blog is to share our family life with my family and friends. My family isn't local, so this will give them a chance to see what's up with us! I'd like to share fun things we do with the kids, cute anecdotes about them, and sometimes more serious stuff like something the Lord may be teaching me. I'll also share our food allergy and adoption stories someday soon.

We are Robert and Melissa, married in June of 1999. We met in college and were married a year and a half later. In 2002 we had our first child, Jacob.

Then in 2006 we added another long-awaited child by adoption, Mattison...we call her Mattie. I stay home with the kids and love what I do!

Robert works for a company doing the underground utility construction. He does directional boring...putting conduit under roads, rivers, ponds, etc, without disturbing the surface. Basically works with a huge power tool all day every day!

Well, that's good for post #1. I won't promise to do something new every day, but I'll at least try every few days...maybe!

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Hey, let's see if this works...