January 19, 2007

Local cousins...what a blessing!!!

Whew! We've had a busy morning! Hannah and Emily (my two neices) were here because their mommy wasn't feeling well. Then my other SIL called to see if her boys could stay here for a few minutes while she ran an errand, so for a bit I had six kids under 4!!

I decided to do some school while Hannah and Emily to enjoy it with Jacob. We put some pictures in order about a snowman being built and then melting.

Then we made snow!
3 c milk, 3T sugar, splash of vanilla
Warm on stove just enough to dissolve sugar, then pour into containers (smaller portions are better-ours took a long time to freeze) and put in the freezer for 3 hours or more.
Fluff with fork and enjoy!!
We all decided we liked chocolate snow best! (And, yes, I realize it's just like melted ice cream, but not nearly as fun!!)

Hannah enjoying her snow.

And Emily...

And Jacob!

(This is the most milk Jacob has ever had... we'll see how it goes!)

And then we all snuggled up on the couch for a couple of good books about snow!!

Isn't is soooooo good to have local cousins???

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I'm so glad I get to count a school day and I didn't do a thing - HA!! Thanks for doing those fun things with the girls. I think I'll post a link on my blog too. And those pictures you got of the girls are great!! :)