July 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, America!!

Happy July 4th!!

We started off our day by having a "Happy Birthday, America!" party with some cousins. (This has been a fun year because Jacob is actually beginning to see the big picture on some things. We've been reading lots of books about our country's founding, the flag, and our pledge of allegiance.) We painted, had a yummy snack, made streamer crafts to wave around while we had a parade, listened to patriotic music, hid/found stars in the yard, and read a book about a little girl's daddy who is deploying in the military. We are also going to send a care package to a soldier this week as part of our celebration.

Here are the cousins ready for our parade!
(What a blessing to have this many cousins in town to school with!!!)

The Ragamuffin Band at its best!

Mattie hard at work painting.

The kids and their red, white, and blue snack.

The kids' fireworks display!

And we ended up our day at our house shooting off fireworks (I think the daddies had the most fun!!) and having homemade red popsicles!

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Kristianna said...

It looks like you had so much fun! All our love, J & K