July 26, 2007

I survived

I survived this afternoon, but that's about it! Today will not go down as one of our better days. And our downstairs house-guests (missionaries home for the summer) were probably wondering what in the world I was doing to my kids!

We had a great day until 2 or so. We went to West Knoxville and back by 11:30! This morning I was out of Mattie's rice bread (and have been wanting to try wheat bread again for a few weeks now), so I made her a sandwich from our wheat bread. She ate 3/4 of it on the way home. Well, by 12:45 I was fairly certain she wasn't tolerating it! She never fell asleep, which is very rare for her. So, by 3:00 I was pulling my hair out! Besides being exhausted, refluxing regularly, and being REALLY cranky , she was crying at the drop of a hat. At 4, I finally pinned her down until she fell asleep...for 20 minutes.

When she is cranky like this, she gets to all of us! She is one influential little girl. Jacob gets just as cranky from her crying all the time, and then I get cranky because both of my kids are cranky! is how I was feeling about 5:00 or so.

Unfortunately, it took me until 6:00 to realize what I needed to do to turn this around. I needed to turn my attitude around and try to bring my children along...not waiting until they are content to then become content myself. I am one influential little mommy! So, after that little kick in the tail from the Holy Spirit, I asked God (in the 6 seconds I had available) to help me change my heart and voice and take a few deep breaths. Aaaah, what a breath of fresh air to know what I needed to do!

No, Mattie did not get much more agreeable (until we went to our friends' house for a change of scenery), but I was a lot less stressed about her crankiness. I stopped trying to do anything except mother... no computer, cleaning, or thinking about anything else. I got Mattie's blanket and paci, some books to read with both kids, and we loaded up the blue chair. That focused snuggling time with a mommy of renewed spirit made all the difference! Oh, but why does it take me 4 hours to get there!?!

God is my helper. I need to call on Him first! Not "when all else fails..."

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