July 25, 2007

Natural Antibiotic

Well, I have a remedy to share...

I woke up Sunday with a nasty sore throat. I thought it was strep and that was confirmed at a walk-in clinic Sunday afternoon. So, she gave me a scrip for an antibiotic. Well, I don't love antibiotics. And I was expecting Mattie to get it as well, and she does not tolerate antibiotics well at all! She gets incredibly cranky and has had rashes with three different ones so far.

Two months ago: I was reading somewhere about oregano oil being used since Biblical times as a natural antibiotic. I'm always looking for homeopathic remedies, so I was excited! Well, this time I actually had the forethought to order it and have it on hand instead of 1) being unprepared and 2) not wanting to drive all over creation to find a bottle, thus 3) taking antibiotics b/c I can get them immediately.

Back to Sunday:
So I started taking the oregano oil (in a sofgel...the liquid is some VERY potent nasty stuff!!!) and giving it to Mattie preventively (she will swallow little pills ). I was going to give it 48 hours. Well, by Sunday night my throat was significantly less swollen. I actually was astonished at the improvement. Not much else to report except continued improvement! So, today is Wednesday and I feel great!!! And Mattie never came down with it!! And no, um, female side effects either! (Actually, it's an anti-fungal as well. It would be a good idea to take acidophilus afterwards just to round out the good bacteria again.) I'm going to take it until it's been 6 days just for good measure.

So, if you want to try this next time, order some and be prepared! Just two thoughts...it gave Robert and me heartburn for the first 48 hours. It comes in enteric coated pills (which I didn't realize) for this reason. Next time, I'll order those. Also, it needs to be the oil, not the herb. If you're not sure about good brands allstarhealth.com and vitacost.com sell quality brands for very reasonable prices. (We order quite a bit at once to take advantage of the flat rate shipping.)

So, next stop: natural childbirth!!!
(Since Mom asked in her comment, no, I'm not pregnant.)

P.S. I realized I should add that I took twice the recommended daily dose because I was sick. The recommended doses are for prevention and maintenance.

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MOM said...

so what's the "natural childbirth" comment???? Is it a hint? ARE YOU PREGNANT!!!!! If so, that's an interesting way to get the info out there!!!