July 27, 2007

My latest "Uh oh, where is she?"

I realized it was incredibly quiet and with Mattie, that's never good.

Here she is!

"Oh, I can't reach my applesauce (that I just told Mommy I didn't want). Let's see, here I can open the dishwasher door. And look! Here's a spoon just my size! Aaaaah. That's better. I just wanted to eat it all by myself!"

PS Thankfully, the dishes were clean.


And hereis another shot of her handiwork. She was so helpfully putting the new toilet paper package away. She carried it from the kitchen (12 rolls, mind you), unwrapped it and put the plastic that you're supposed to "keep out of reach of children" in the trash can. And I guess she decided it should all just go there.

She is so cute I can hardly stand it! It's good to laugh at these things after a day like yesterday (when "cute" was not what I was thinking)!

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Kjirstin C said...

That's so adorable! She's so funny :)