July 10, 2007

Sun, Moon & Stars (Creation Day 4)

For this week of our creation study, we focused on the solar system. We talked about the sun and moon, but had already visited those in the past, so we just did a bit of review. We reviewed the moon phases with our little cards from Owl Moon. Jacob enjoyed that. We also made a mural for the solar system! It has the sun and all the planets on it, though a couple are hard to see because they're so tiny! (And just so all you old folks know, Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, so we only have 8 planets now.)

Solar System Mural

We went to a museum that had a planetarium which was fun for the first 3 minutes or so. Jacob and I had a good time out just the two of us, but I'm in no rush to go another planetarium show! I'll just buy my own telescope and look off our back porch. He had NO concept of the whole constellation thing- which really is quite hard to see -and just wanted to crawl around on the amphitheater like steps in the pitch black room...with the other two little boys who also didn't care about the nice man's presentation! Other than that, we had a great week!

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